2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Review

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Review– 2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Elegant plan with a watersports curve, the Yamaha 212 Limited S mixes innovation, solace and execution into an uncompromising bundle. Unwind in the extensive bow for a journey or slide into the water from Yamaha’s honor winning swim stage this pontoon is prepared to do it all. – New 2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S

Ordinarily words like “extravagance” and “innovation” are held for just the leader models in an organization’s lineup. On account of Yamaha that would be the 24′ (7.32m) arrangement of runabouts. Be that as it may, for this model year Yamaha has pulled the stops and given another arrangement of littler pontoons a similar treatment that their greater kin appreciate… to be specific, the best of what the organization brings to the table.

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Review

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Key Features

  • Removable dinette table with platform
  • Incorporated removable cooler
  • Bow filler embeds for various seating designs
  • Coordinated swim stage
  • Dinette table mount
  • 3 position No Wake Mode Control
  • Bimini top
  • Aluminum collapsing wakeboard tower
  • Painted trailer with swing-without end tongue


All-New Pump Cleanout Ports

  • Highlighting a straightforward contort to-bolt outline, these recently composed cleanout ports give brisk access to the fly pumps.

Rudder Featuring Connext

  • The all new 212 Limited highlights Yamaha’s honor winning Connext rudder control framework.

Pivoted Storage Compartments

  • A basic flip of the seat pads brings about a lot of capacity choices all through the vessel.

Cockpit Seating

  • Yamaha’s extensive format gives seating to ten, including seats that turn 180 degrees for a full view.

Portside Entertainment Station

Co-commander’s station with drink focus, overlap down table and lockable stockpiling.


As is normally the case with Yamaha, it makes water crafts that are comprehensive, which means there are no choices, yet the highlights that one pontoon doesn’t have will be incorporated on another with another model designator. Such is the situation with the 212 Limited Series that comprises of two vessels, the 212 Limited S with a forward cleared watersports tower, and the 212 Limited with a standard bimini. The pinnacle, or Bimini top are the main contrasts, well other than value, that different the two.

The 212 Limited accompanies a standard Bimini while the 212 Limited S has a standard watersports tower.

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Review

Other than that every one of the highlights are the same and the format on one is imparted to the next. That is the reason this report covers the 212 Limited Series while the vessel we tried and led our walkthrough on was the 212 Limited S, the watersports tower prepared model.

Home Grown

A basic crush of the hook at the back seat bring forth permits the motor cover to lift easily on twin help struts secured to substantial obligation sections. These twin 1812 cc HO motors are reason worked by Yamaha, which conveys two noteworthy advantages. In the first place, there’s no outsider to manage if guarantee issues come up. Besides, these are not stock bike motors that were pulled off a rack and after that changed for use on the water. They were composed and worked for Yamaha’s marine market and thusly are up to the rigors that drifting puts on its powerplants.

The battery switches are under the portside cockpit seating. To one side in this shot is the unbending counterbalance tank with a sight gage demonstrating the level.

Calm Cruise

It was hard not to see that there’s an adjustment noticeable all around and it was obvious when we began driving the 212 Limited S. Yamaha water crafts used to very boisterous when hitting the throttle, and it wasn’t lost on Yamaha. Presently it has made a move. From the bottom up there is sound hosing that ingests vibration and makes a considerably calmer ride, and we saw it instantly. Progressively the point, we could discuss it… at voyage speed.

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Specs

Wipe Out Ports

Its a well known fact that fly vessels pull water in from one end of a pipe and shoot it out the flip side. It’s additionally no mystery that occasionally these fly pumps get stopped up with flotsam and jetsam. It’s not a typical event, something that happens in the event that we gone through weeds or over a plastic basic supply sack that may have discovered its way into the water. To be honest, it’s never transpired, however it happens.

On some contending models we’ve perceived how the administrator really needs to go for a swim and wipe out the garbage from under the watercraft. Not cool. With Yamaha the main thing that gets wet is the hand of the one doing the cleaning.

Under the incubate at the transom relax territory there are get to ports to reach down to the impellers from. At the base of these ports are vast attachments that discharge with a quarter turn. Once the fitting is expelled we can get to the impellers to haul out any flotsam and jetsam that we accidentally kept running over. Supplant the attachment when done and we’re ready.

Stay Locker

At the bow, the 212 Limited Series has a bring forth finished the grapple locker that opens with a lift and bolt (thank you Yamaha) hook. The compartment is sufficiently vast for the grapple to impart space to the forward reboarding step. The grapple is held set up by wedge mounts to secure the loads of the stay, however there are no grapple managers to shield it from bobbing out of position. For that little detail, Yamaha included shrewd sections under the bring forth that rest on the stay to keep it secure when the bring forth is shut.

2018 Yamaha 212 Limited S Review

The grapple stores inside the compartment at the bow and it imparts space to the reboarding stepping stool. Notice the section under the bring forth that holds the stay down when the bring forth is shut.


The rudder is an exemplary portrayal of how Yamaha can join extravagance and innovation. A dull conditioned board has a vinyl temples over the two tachometers. To the privilege is the 7″ (17.78 cm) Connext touchscreen that gives the real instrumentation initially. We can look through numerous tabs and totally interface with the unit, all by touch.

Connext additionally fills in as the fundamental excitement center for the 212 Limited Models giving an interface communicate radio, satellite and Bluetooth players. Selective to the 212 Series by and large is the joystick controller that gives a similar controllability without touching the screen. Simply behind the joystick are twin secure for influencing incremental/down changes to the voyage to help and no wake speeds. We discovered it very agreeable to set the throttles and drive with one hand laying on these catches to facilitate the accelerate and down.