2018 Yamaha Bolt R Specs and Review

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Specs and Review– Originators and custom manufacturers are venturing back to a period when the mechanical excellence of a bike was featured in its styling. The Bolt R-Spec’s basic styling, minimal design, V-Twin power and regular riding position consolidate to offer an extraordinarily fun riding knowledge.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Power

942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valves per barrel, 60° V-twin motor produces exceptional low-and mid-go torque. Greatest torque is come to at just 3,000 rpm – for an extraordinarily fun riding background.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Performance

The contrasts between the standard Bolt and the R-Spec demonstrate incorporate; distinctive hues and designs, preload customizable premium remote store gas stuns, a cool, finished seat, passed out mirrors and mag wheels.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Style

The Bolt R-Spec is intended to be minimized and thin, including spotless, basic styling with the capacity to effectively customize/tweak the bicycle with an extensive variety of Genuine Star adornments. We make it simple for you to change a Bolt into “your” Bolt. For 2017, the Bolt R-Spec highlights a flangeless fuel tank.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Top Features

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Specs and Review

  • Urban Performance Styling: The Bolt® R-Spec is stripped down with negligible chrome, typifying the “Urban Performance Bobber” look. The minimized body gladly features the 58 cubic inch (942cc), air-cooled, 60° V-twin sitting at the core of the bicycle.
  • Cutting edge Engine: The Bolt R-Spec utilizes present day innovation to make a riding background better than other also estimated machines. Fuel infusion and start timing maps have been picked particularly for this bicycle to convey class-driving execution with solid low and midrange torque beyond any doubt to convey a grin to each rider’s face.
  • Minimized, Stable Chassis: The thin body and low seat configuration consolidate to give the cruiser light mobility and a steady taking care of feeling. The upright riding stance enables the rider to feel the breeze, hear the sounds and experience the beat of the machine.
  • Prepared to Customize: For riders who esteem personalization, the choices for the Bolt R-Spec are restricted just by the proprietor’s creative energy. As we say with the Star® cruiser line, “We construct it. You make it your own.”® And as the ideal canvas for customization, Bolt R-Spec is a definitive case of that logic.
  • Interesting Bolt Persona: Components, for example, the 3.4 gallon fuel tank, belt drive, front and back wheels, computerized meter and steel bumpers consolidate to make a particular look in the Star cruiser line-up.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Motor Features

  • Present day Air-Cooled V-Twin: The 58 cubic inch (942cc) motor is an air-cooled SOHC 60° V-twin with four valves for each barrel, a confined rooftop formed burning chamber and 9.0:1 pressure proportion. The motor is intended to give astounding force and predominant low-end torque.
  • Low Friction Internals: To keep grinding misfortune to a base, increment solidness and enable the motor to accomplish the perfect execution attributes, uncommon roller-sort rocker arms with needle direction are utilized.
  • Propelled Cylinder Design: The confined rooftop burning chamber shape was definitely built to coordinate the fuel/air charge to the focal point of the cylinder for more proficient ignition and most extreme power. Earthenware composite plated chambers give brilliant warmth dissemination and diminished oil utilization.
  • Lightweight Performance Pistons: High-quality manufactured aluminum cylinders have a lightweight, high-quality, minimal plan that adds to lessened vibration and expanded solidness.
  • Fuel Injection: Sophisticated twin-bore fuel infusion is utilized on the Bolt R-Spec to convey extreme urban riding fun with solid increasing speed. 3D maps for start timing and fuel infusion have been created to convey extraordinary increasing speed in the mid-and low-speed ranges.
  • Minimal Air Cleaner: The stainless steel air cleaner cover gives a “crude metal” look that complements the Bolt R-Spec’s particular styling. Moreover, the air cleaner configuration gives incredible admission productivity and improved torque attributes.
  • Remarkable Bolt Exhaust System: A 2-into-1 fumes pipe design on the correct side of the motor adds to the exuberant execution and styling of the machine. The moderate style deplete framework conveys a throaty and satisfying fumes note.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Case/Suspension Features

  • Taking care of Focused Frame: A twofold support outline improves city riding satisfaction because of a motor mounted to the casing with an inflexible mount framework that gives exact dealing with.
  • Low Seat Height: The low-set seat is a minor 27.2 crawls off the asphalt, so most riders can without much of a stretch put the two feet solidly on the ground at a stop, and in addition appreciate the colossal riding position the seat gives.
  • Nimble Wheelbase: Bolt R-Spec’s short, 61.8-inch wheelbase adds to the bicycle’s extraordinary taking care of, giving exact, tight turns in city riding and strong taking care of on the open street.
  • Propelled Suspension: The muscular front 41mm fork tubes offer magnificent suspension execution and the twin back stuns, which incorporate piggyback style gas chambers, have been tuned to give incredible solace and taking care of while adding to the machine’s position of safety.
  • Low Maintenance Belt Drive: At only 21mm wide, the drive belt adds to the thin and clean look of the backside. The belt has a carbon-fiber center which includes quality and strength for life span.
  • Current Wheels and Tires: 12-talked cast composite wheels are utilized to give quality and sturdiness. Bridgestone® tubeless 100/90-19 measure front and 150/80-16 estimate raise tires help give phenomenal street grasp.
  • Capable Braking: The 298mm front circle brake and 298mm back plate brake both utilize wave rotors, the style generally found on don bicycles. The front brake utilizes a skimming mount for awesome warmth mutilation resistance, adding to amazing braking execution.
  • Thin, Stylish Fuel Tank: The 3.4 gallon fuel tank is a conventional tear style, with a thin shape that incorporates leveled best and side surfaces to upgrade Bolt R-Spec styling. For 2017, the tank includes another flangeless outline for considerably cleaner lines.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Extra Features

  • Current Lighting: LED raise taillight looks cool and adds to the present day bobber offer.
  • Smooth Instruments: Compact computerized LCD meter get together furnishes clean styling with magnificent perceivability.
  • Genuine Steel Fenders: Steel front and back bumpers are perfect for personalization, including paint and customization.
  • Bobber-Style Seat: Solo rider saddle adds to the moderate bobber look while giving great help to longer rides.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Motor

  • Motor Type: 58-cu.in. (942cc) air-cooled SOHC V-twin; 4 valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 85.0mm x 83.0mm
  • Pressure Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel infusion
  • Start: TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
  • Transmission: 5-speed; multiplate wet grip
  • Last Drive: Belt

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Undercarriage

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Specs and Review

  • Suspension/Front: Telescopic fork, 4.7-in travel
  • Suspension/Rear: Dual piggyback stuns, 2.8-in travel
  • Brakes/Front: Wave-sort circle, 298mm
  • Brakes/Rear: Wave-sort circle, 298mm
  • Tires/Front: 100/90-19
  • Tires/Rear: 150/80-16

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Measurements

  • L x W x H: 90.2 in. x 37.2 in. x 44.1 in.
  • Seat Height: 27.2 in.
  • Wheelbase: 61.8 in.
  • Rake (Caster Angle): 29.0 deg.
  • Trail: 5.1 in.
  • Ground Clearance: 5.1 in.
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.4 lady.
  • Efficiency: 51 mpg
  • Wet Weight: 542 lb.

2018 Yamaha Bolt R Other

  • Guarantee: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

New for 2018 Yamaha Bolt R

  • Cleaner Styling: The Bolt R-Spec is considerably more honed for 2017, because of a perfect and snappy flangeless fuel tank plan.