2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date– This most recent model, prestigious for its top notch execution and solace, now has Electric Power Steering with recalibrated front suspension geometry, affirming it as the world’s finest utility snowmobile.

The huge 1049cc EFI motor, with its extraordinary power and torque, is joined with extraordinarily adjusted CVT settings to give smooth operation, simple pulling and an apparently unending supply of force. The one of a kind motor and airbox arrangement permitted the entire body – from the front hood and seating to the fuel tank and windscreen – to be intended for ideal rider ergonomics and solace.

Pick the intense, beyond any doubt footed treatment of the most recent VK Professional II – and rule the snow.

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date

Points of interest

  • 1049cc 3-Cylinder Genesis® 4-stroke EFI motor
  • Smooth EFI and ISC (Idle Speed Control) frameworks
  • Electric Power Steering
  • NEW Front shaft and HPG aluminum stuns
  • Camoplast® Cobra WT track – 1.5″/38mm carry stature
  • Torsion spring back suspension with Flip-Up rails
  • Double range Hi/Lo transmission with turn around
  • Riding position streamlined for solace and control
  • Exquisite and very effective body shape outline
  • Solid boot holds – more foot space and incredible grasp
  • Extensive back bearer and effective LED tail lights
  • Electric hand and thumb warmers for comfortable riding

  2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs and  Features:

1049cc Genesis 4-Stroke Engine (VK Unique)

  • Yamaha’s dependable three-barrel motor components a progressed Yamaha fuel-infusion framework for unfathomably exact fuel metering for spot on execution, fuel tasting economy and moment begins, regardless of the earth. An expansive, level power-band conveys moment push from almost any speed, and a thick torque bend gives a wealth of influence to force substantial loads all sponsored by a reputation of relentless dependability.

Utility Inspired Styling

  • A new search for the fight demonstrated VK Professional II EPS is both present day and intense. With extra venting for sufficient underhood cooling, and smooth lines that are less inclined to harm and breaking, the VK Professional II EPS is intended to perform season after season.

NEW Electric Power Steering

  • Yamaha was the first and still the main producer to offer Electric Power Steering to the snowmobile business. The speed detecting framework conveys greatest help at ease back paces to about zero help and high speeds. Beside drastically lessening guiding exertion, the framework decreases negative input, disengaging the driver from undesirable directing exertion.

Workforce Mirrors

  • Useful mirrors tout an expansive survey zone, making it simpler to perceive what lies behind. The mirrors are mounted on the inside side of the defensive windshield, protecting them from potential harm.

Advanced Gage

  • A simple to see and work advanced gage bundle monitors all fundamental motor and vehicle traits while likewise conveying included elements including hour meter, trip meters, clock and significantly more.

Substantial Capacity Fuel Tank

  • Appreciate augmented range and extended work capacity with an expansive fuel tank. The tank brags of a limit in overabundance of 11.6-gallons.

Driver’s Seat

  • The VK Professional II seat was particularly composed because of driver solace and comfort. The seat better positions the driver in relationship to the controls, conveys improved solace, and gives less demanding departure and entrance while getting on and off the vehicle.

High Capacity Cargo Rack

Conveying extended burdens, be it for work or play, is one of the center traits of the VK Professional II EPS. An extensive load rack serves up greater limit and convenience whether you are pulling supplies to camp, instruments to the occupation site, or angling apparatus to the icepack.

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPSExecution:

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date

Three Speed Transmission

  • The Hi/Lo transmission with turn around is workhorse one moment, and a flexible trail cruiser the following. With an easy to utilize manual impelled lever, you can choose from “ordinary” high range for cruising to low range and draw overwhelming burdens.

Direct to Crankshaft Clutching

  • Rather than an apparatus lessening framework, as found on some four-stroke plans, both renditions of the Genesis 1049 motor has an essential grip mounted straightforwardly to the crankshaft. This permits the motor to be mounted lower in the skeleton, and takes out parts, intricacy, and weight bringing about enhanced Handling and enhanced strength.

High Flotation UHMW Skis

  • Wide skis convey included buoyancy when going off-trail, while a designed bottom gives unsurprising dealing with and simple to direct behavior.

Overwhelming Duty Wrap-Around Bumper

  • Notwithstanding the work-roused plan, a forceful, wrap-around guard gives security from the knocks and blasts that accompany a day at work.

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Dealing with:

Professional Comfort Suspension

  • This double stun, completely coupled suspension includes a basic and viable flip-lever torsion spring change in accordance with rapidly adjust the suspension for one-up or two-up riding, or for pulling an overwhelming payload. A 40mm, High Pressure Gas (HPG) stun gives exemption control, blur resistance, and greatest work capacities.

Camoplast 1.5 Cobra Wide Track

  • The basic role of the 20″ x 154″ x 1.5″ Cobra track is to completely amplify all accessible snow with certainty moving profound snow floatation and intense pulling power. The 1.5″ carry is ideal for low-speed or high-stack circumstances that utility sleds regularly work in.

Gull Wing An Arm Front Suspension

  • The novel “bended” front suspension conveys expanded leeway along these lines decreasing the potential for effect and harm when experiencing concealed rocks, stumps, or different flotsam and jetsam while exploring obscure territory.

KYB Gas Cell Shocks

  • The loop over front stuns are particularly aligned for extra loads and off-trail riding, yet still convey an extravagant, unsurprising ride on-trail.

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Comfort:

2018 Yamaha VK Professional II EPS Specs, Price and Release Date

Defensive Windshield

  • A wide, tall, wrap-around style windshield conveys more noteworthy security from the components and additionally clueless tree limbs and appendages. The windshield has been wind burrow tried to decrease undesirable negative twirl and convey a more prominent “pocket” of solace for both driver and traveler.

Standard Electric Start

  • Consistent and simple to utilize electric begin conveys moment and bother free begins, regardless of the climate, dispensing with the requirement for an “old-school” pull rope.

Standard Tow Hitch

  • Notwithstanding a large group of on-board familiar luxuries and capacity, a standard processing plant raise mounted tow hitch is primed and ready for extra rigging or periodic light-obligation work.

Sweeping Under-Seat Storage

  • With a pivoted, flip-up seat, the VK Professional II EPS radiates its hard working attitude every step of the way. The vast under-seat stockpiling touts an incorporated toolbox and space for substantially more.

Raised Passenger Seat

  • The wide and extravagant standard two-up seat furnishes comfort for two with incorporated backrest.