2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Specs, Price and Reviews

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Specs, Price and Reviews

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Reviews– Only the Raptor 700 can offer the best sports ATV performances to Dune and trail enthusiasts.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Specs

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Specs, Price and Reviews

Aggressive Style

  • An aggressive style gives the Raptor 700 an aspect as menacing as it really is. The mighty Raptor 700 is ready to go, either to the dunes, the trails or the runway.
  • Large Bore Power
    Powered by our most powerful high-capacity Raptor engine-686 cm3 of liquid-cooled fuel injection power. The engine produces a large torque from the idle, then goes into a big and monstrous high end.
  • Advanced Chassis
    High power and light weight, a combination that will seduce all ATV riders, the Raptor 700 comes standard with an aluminium hybrid steel frame, a controlled-fill aluminum subframe and a cast aluminum swing arm Combining to produce a very solid structure the lightest mountain bike in its class.
  • Friendly features
    A thick and comfortable seat offers excellent comfort while double counterweights, electric starting and conversely keep things nice and civilized when needed, but when it comes time to pull the trigger, the big Raptor caliber 700 stands proudly.
  • Advanced Suspension
    The manipulation of the YFZ-inspired Raptor 700 is unbelievable. Thanks to the 9.1 inches of front travel and 10.1 inches at the back, the track becomes distorted while the cyclist keeps control of the situation. With the combination of power, maneuverability and suspension, this machine must be tested to be fully appreciated.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Engine

  • Smooth and powerful motor
    The 686 cc engine forged and lightweight piston, rod and crankshaft are lightweight and sturdy. They are a powerful powertrain that runs at full throttle up to 9000 rpm. The double counterbalancers keep it smooth.
  • Advanced Fuel Injection
    Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) guarantees excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, elevations and temperatures.
  • Digital ignition
    The Digital TCI electronic control unit with 32 bits controls fuel injection and ignition systems to ensure constant performance and a fantastic accelerator response.
  • Electric Starter
    Reliable electric push-button start in any report adds extra comfort.
  • Robust Transmission
    The five-speed gearbox with inverter, as well as the monstrous power band of the Raptor 700, offer a choice of gears in almost every situation. The YZ ratchet speed shift lever guarantees a smooth, non-resistive speed change. The extra-sturdy clutch includes a sturdy basket and platters designed to harness power.
    Excellent ease of maintenance
    Easy-to-access oil filters and toolless air filters are convenient.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Chassis/Suspension

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Specs

  • High Tech chassis
    The state-of-the-art chassis combines a steel front section and a YZ-style rear shock absorber, providing a 10.1-inch travel and preload adjustment.
  • Powerful brakes
    The two aluminum front-piston disc brakes offer tremendous braking power. The discs are drilled, which helps to reduce the unsprung weight for excellent suspension flexibility, with an additional double piston rear brake for maximum braking power.
  • Maxxis ® Aggressive Tires
    Maxxis ® Front High Performance 22×10-9 and 20×10-9 rear tires, with specially designed treads, offer superior class traction for impeccable road handling on terrain and varied conditions.
  • Light Wheels
    Lightweight aluminum wheels help improve suspension performance by reducing unsprung weight.
  • Wide footrest
    The stroke-inspired serrated footrests of 45 mm provide excellent traction in the shoes.
    Strong frame
    The controlled-fill aluminium subframe is lightweight and durable, as is the composite support bar.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Additional Specs

  • Sport Ergonomics
    The YZ-style long saddle offers maximum comfort and freedom of movement with exceptional ergonomics.
  • High Visibility Lighting
    The 30-watt krypton Multi-reflector headlights placed in the front cover add an uncompromising sports accent, and a LED taillight provides excellent visibility.
  • Large Fuel tank
    High capacity fuel tank, 2.9 gallons and Yamaha fuel injection (YFI) mean more time on the track between the fillings.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Ergonomic controls

  • The throttle of the thumb has a smooth shape for a sensation that the riders will enjoy, with less fatigue at the end of the day. The toggle parking brake lever mounted on the handlebar is easy to use.
  • Yamaha Diagnostic Tool
    The 2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor 700 is ready to use with the Yamaha Diagnostic tool for increased maintenance ease.
    Assembled in the United States
    The Raptor 700 is proudly assembled in the United States.

2020 Yamaha ATV Raptor Price From: 7 999 $

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