2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Price and Review

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Price and Review

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Review- This performance Bobber combines a classic soul and a modern shape with a very powerful V-Twin engine.

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Price and Review

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Characteristics

  • Urban Performance Style
    The Bolt ® R-Spec is devoid of minimal chromium and embodies the “Urban Performance bobber” look. The compact chassis proudly features the 58 cubic-inch (942 cm3) air-cooled V 60 ° twin in the heart of the bike.
  • High Tech Engine
    The Bolt R-Spec uses modern technology to create a superior driving experience than other machines of similar size. The fuel injection and ignition timing cards have been specially selected for this bike in order to provide peak performance with a high torque to low and medium diet that will surely make all cyclists smile.
  • Compact and stable chassis
    The slim body and the low seat design combine to give the bike a light handling and a stable handling sensation. The standing posture helps the cyclist to feel the wind, hear the sounds and feel the pulse of the machine.
  • Ready to personalize
    For riders attached to customization, Bolt R-Spec’s options are limited only by the owner’s imagination. As we say with the Star ® Cruiser range, we build it. You do it yourself. ® being the ideal backdrop for customization, Bolt R-Spec is the ultimate example of this philosophy.
  • Unique Bolt Persona
    Components such as the 3.4 gallon fuel tank, belt drive, front and rear wheels, digital meter and steel wings combine to create a distinctive look in the Star cruiser range.

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Engine

  • Modern V-Twin air-cooled
    The 58 cubic inch (942 cm3) engine is a SOHC v 60 ° air-cooled V-twin, with four valves per cylinder, a roof-shaped combustion chamber and a compression ratio of 9.0:1. The engine is designed to provide excellent power and a superior torque to low rpm.
  • Low Friction internals
    To minimize friction losses, increase durability and help the engine achieve optimum performance, special roller tumblers with needle roller bearings are used.
    Advanced Cylinder Design
    The shape of the combustion chamber under the roof has been designed precisely to direct the fuel/air load to the center of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum power. Ceramic composite coated cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation and reduced oil consumption.
  • Lightweight performance Pistons
    High-quality forged aluminum pistons have a lightweight, high-strength, compact design that helps reduce vibration and increase durability.
  • Fuel Injection
    The Bolt R-Spec features a sophisticated double bore fuel injection that delivers ultimate urban driving pleasure with high acceleration. 3d maps for the setting of ignition and fuel injection have been developed to provide exceptional acceleration in mid-and low-speed ranges.
  • 2020 Yamaha Bolt RCompact air filter
    The stainless steel air filter cover gives a “rough metal” appearance that accentuates the distinctive style of the Bolt R-Spec. In addition, the design of the air filter offers improved intake efficiency and torque characteristics.
  • Single Bolt exhaust System
    A 2-in-1 exhaust pipe arrangement on the right side of the engine contributes to the machine’s performance and style. The minimalist-style exhaust system delivers a serious and pleasant exhaust rating.
2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Price and Review

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Specs Price and Review

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Suspension

  • Manipulation-centric framework
    A double cradle chassis improves the pleasure of driving in the city thanks to an engine mounted on the chassis with a rigid mounting system that allows precise handling.
  • Low seat height
    The low seat is only 27.2 inches from the sidewalk, allowing most cyclists to put both feet firmly on the ground while taking advantage of the exceptional driving position it offers.
  • Agile Wheelbase
    Bolt R-Spec’s short wheelbase of 61.8 inches contributes to the great maneuverability of the bike, offering tight, precise turns in the city and solid road handling on the open road.
  • Advanced Suspension
    The 41 mm sturdy front fork tubes offer excellent suspension performance. The two rear shock absorbers, which include gas chambers of the “piggyback” type, have been designed to offer great comfort and excellent handling while contributing to the low silhouette of the machine.
  • Belt drive requires little maintenance
    With its width of only 21 mm, the transmission belt contributes to the net and clean appearance of the rear. The girder

2020 Yamaha Bolt R Additional Features

  • Modern Lighting
    The LED taillight looks cool and adds to the modern bobber look.
  • Smooth Instruments
    The Compact Digital LCD Meter offers clean styling and excellent visibility.
  • Genuine Steel Wings
    Steel front and rear fenders are ideal for personalization, including painting and personalization.
  • Bobber Style seat
    The rider solo saddle adds to the minimalist bobber look while providing a good support for long hikes.

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