2021 Yamaha Snowmobiles Rumors

2021 Yamaha Snowmobiles Rumors

In 2019, Yamaha again delivered the name of the legendary SRX vividly. The Sidewinder SRX was added to the Yamaha lineup in 2019. Yamaha is the only news for brand fans.

In fact, the best way to depict Yamaha snowmobile in 2019 is to “Streamline “. Only 12 models survived, including five models (Snowcheck) of 30 models in 2018 and children or young teenage models. Japanese manufacturers have minimized production as it is not enough.

2021 Yamaha Snowmobiles Rumors

The idea behind this is to allow Yamaha dealers to liquidate 2018, 2017 and previous non-member models. The rarity created in this way enhances the value of the model used. I was able to see it when I visited some exhibition halls of Yamaha dealerships.

According to Yamaha’s opinion, if this strategy succeeds in achieving its goals, Yamaha will have a much more complete offer to regain power by 2021. They also suggested that there would be a new model available in the menu.

For high-performance snowmobiles, it is expected that there will be no major changes. However, the Sidewinder product lineup can look back on some models, such as R-TX and S-TX.

The Medium Power Trail model segment (120-140 HP) allows you to see the introduction of a completely new model. This new suite will be built into a new chassis and equipped with a new four-stroke engine. The goal is to replace the vector lineup. We can also see one or two models reappear in the Viper range, even though there was already time on the platform.

Yamaha has never actually replaced the Phaser family with an entry-level model, which is a shame. This is a serious flaw in the fleet, as many dealers can tell you. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a completely new model on the same platform as the hypothetical new midrange assumption just mentioned. As a result, Yamaha was able to showcase a new engine with HP’s power of 75-110 HP range. This would be a logical choice for a young snowmobile who has learned about Snoscoot.

In 2021, we expect to see the SR venture again. The model was withdrawn from the lineup in 2019, before it was introduced in 2018. Can RS ventures come back again? Not to mention that the chassis is too old to be ready for something else. In other words, you should see the Touring model in Yamaha’s 2021 lineup.

If you are a utility snowmobile, you are expected to stay there for the V K 540. In fact, although its appearance is quite old, it is a very well-selling model among people looking for mechanical simplicity, if its technology is not up to date. This model is popular in the northern area where people often need to repair snowmobiles. In my opinion, the return of VK Professional II is not clear.

The last part is the mountain model. Sidewinder M-TX 153 models should definitely return.

This type of snowmobile will not hide to be noticeable. Yamaha must provide a 1 or 2-stroke engine. But as we know, manufacturers have used four-stroke snowmobiles for the past 15 years. Does Yamaha ask questions about this orientation? The real question is already over? It seems that… And I am not talking about the VK 540.

2021 Yamaha Snowmobiles Rumors

While browsing the Internet, you can find a Yamaha model with 600cc 2-stroke engine in Europe. You read it correctly: Beat twice! The name of this model is Transporter 600. This utility model is equipped with 600cc engine manufactured by Arctic Cat (600 C-TEC2). It appears to be the Norseman “yamaha” version of the 6000.

So we’re going to wonder if Yamaha will be offering this model and a two-stroke motorized snowmobile in Canada in 2021. Luckily, in February or March, the scope of 2021 should be public, so you don’t have to wait long. We will know that Yamaha people can surprise us!

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